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  • Immunization Requirements 2016-2017

    Parent Letter CDPHE K-12       

    Parent Letter CDPHE Preschool  


    • DTap4
    • Polio 3
    • MMR 1
    • Hep B 3
    • Varicella 1
    • HIB 1-4*
    • PCV 1-4* 

    Kingergarten-5th Grade

    • DTap 5 **
    • Polio 4 ***
    • MMR 2
    • Hep B 3 ~~
    • Varicella 2

    6th-12th Grade (in addition to K-5 requirements)

    • TDap 1


    * The number of doses depends on the child’s age when vaccinations were administered.

    ** Only 4 DTap are required if 4th dose was on/after the 4th birthday.

    *** Only 3 Polio are required if the 3rd dose was on/after the 4th birthday.

    ~~ Please note that your child may require a 4th Hep B vaccination if proper spacing was not met. ACIP guidelines require that the 2nd dose be at least 4 weeks after the 1st. The 3rd dose must be given at least 16 weeks after the 1st dose and 8 weeks after the 2nd dose AND after 6 months of age.

    Click her for an interactive Requirements web site

    Resources for Free or Low Cost Immunizations:


    El Paso County Health Department (719) 578-3199

    1675 Garden of the Gods Rd., Suite 2044, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    (By appointment only) Accepts insurance, no insurance and/or Medicaid. If family has no insurance or are underinsured and child is under 19 years old, $21.50 per injection or they will work with the families if they can’t afford that fee. If they have insurance it is usually cheaper to see PCP for immunizations.

    **If unable to pay for immunizations, they will give required childhood immunizations for free**


    Peak Vista Community Health Center (719) 632-5700

    Family Health Center @ Fountain

    350 Lyckman Drive, Fountain, CO 80817

    (By appointment only) Accepts Medicaid or Peak Vista will help families apply for Medicaid.

    **If unable to afford immunizations, they will give required childhood immunizations on a sliding scale**


    SET Family Clinic (719) 776-8850

    2864 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906                                                                                            

    (By appointment only) Does not accept insurance; accepts Medicaid. If family does not have insurance and qualifies for VFC (Vaccines for Children Program) - $5.00 immunization administration fee.  They do not carry all combination vaccinations.

    **If unable to pay for immunizations, they will give required childhood immunizations for free**                                                             


    More information from the State of Colorado on School Immunization please click here